Why does the cooling fan suddenly stop running during use?

Nov 22, 2021

Generally, the factors when the cooling fan crashes or stops running are as follows:

1. The bearing shaft of the cooling fan is rusted, causing it to be stuck directly; the shaft of the cooling fan is rusted and the lubricant is volatilized due to a long time of use. Solution: The lubricating oil is dripped on the shaft at the axial position, and the shaft should not be excessively dripped.

2. If the cooling fan has been used for too long and has not been cleaned regularly, the fan dust will be squeezed too much, which will cause the card master to not rotate when the fan is rotating; solution: use a cotton swab to clean the backlog of the cooling fan.

3. The performance and quality of the cooling fan are unreliable. The selected brand of three-flow cooling fan will cause the fan to be damaged or unable to rotate.

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